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Being Diligent

studying a course in miracles

In essence, A Course in Miracles encourages us to be more conscious of the content of our minds and actively choose thoughts that align with love and truth. It reminds us that we are not victims of our wandering minds but rather powerful creators capable of transforming our lives through the power of forgiveness and love. By practicing the teachings of A Course in Miracles, we can learn to let go of fear and ego-based thinking, paving the way for inner peace and a deeper connection to our true essence. It guides us to see beyond illusions and recognize the eternal love that binds us all together. Embracing these principles can lead to profound healing and a shift towards living a more joyful, authentic life filled with compassion and understanding for ourselves and others.

Being diligent as a student of A Course in Miracles is essential for truly understanding and applying its teachings in your life. This spiritual text offers profound insights and guidance, but it requires dedication and commitment to fully grasp its transformative power. Reading or listening to the teachings is not enough. This is not just an intellectual pursuit but an experience.

To make the most of your journey with A Course in Miracles, it's important to approach your studies with an open mind and a willingness to let go of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Being diligent means setting aside time each day for study and reflection, allowing the teachings to sink in and resonate with your inner truth. Even five minutes a day can make a difference. Being diligent means practicing True forgiveness every day and catching your thoughts when they are out of alignment with the Truth.

As you delve deeper into the lessons of A Course in Miracles, remember that it's not about rushing through the material but about embodying its principles in your daily life. Practice patience with yourself as you navigate this spiritual path, knowing that true understanding comes from consistent effort and a genuine desire for growth.

By being diligent as a student of A Course in Miracles, you open yourself up to profound shifts in perception and a deeper connection to the love and peace that lie at the core of your being.

Does practicing the Course mean you will never face difficult times? No. But these times will be met with more patience, as you will find yourself moving more easily through fear and pain, and back to your peaceful state.

In a world filled with distractions and conflicting messages, "A Course in Miracles" offers a clear path towards spiritual awakening and self-realization. It invites individuals to explore their inner landscape with honesty and openness, paving the way for profound personal growth. What other path have you found that answers all your deepest questions?

As a follower immersed in the teachings of "A Course in Miracles," you may find yourself challenged yet inspired to live more authentically and compassionately. It is a journey unlike any other, leading towards a deeper understanding of yourself and others in the light of universal love.

The correction of fear is your responsibility. When you ask for release from fear,

you are implying that it is not. You should ask, instead, for help in the conditions

that have brought the fear about. These conditions always entail a willingness to

be separate. At that level you can help it. You are much too tolerant of mind wandering,

and are passively condoning your mind's miscreations. The particular result does

not matter, but the fundamental error does. The correction is always the same.

Before you choose to do anything, ask me if your choice is in accord with mine.

If you are sure that it is, there will be no fear.”

Chapter 2, The Separation -ACIM

Rev. Lora Nedkov


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