Are you struggling to understand your life?
Are you finding your relationships challenging?
Are you looking for happiness?

"Getting to the heart of the blocks to love's awareness"

Having joy and peace in your life is your true nature. If you find yourself struggling, I can help you in a guided session, using A Course in Miracles based Spiritual Counselling;

  • Find out what is specifically blocking you from moving forward in your life

  • Uncover unconscious thoughts that are preventing you from enjoying life

  • Work through physical ailments you are experiencing to uncover the root cause and learn what healing really means

  • Intuitively guided sessions get to the root of your blocks - you don't have to be an ACIM student to benefit.

  • And so much more​!

Rev. Lora Nedkov, ACIM Coach & Spiritual Intuitive
Rev. Lora Nedkov MBA, RHN

These Intuitively Guided Sessions are for:

  • Relationship Help & Healing

  • ACIM Practical Applications

  • Spiritual Counselling & Understanding True Forgiveness

  • Finding your "Happy" & True Purpose

If you truly have the desire to heal your life and create happiness, peace and joy, then get started now.  Book an online session today! 


"Mentally I feel like a new person, by totally embracing what you said.  Physically, you won’t believe it (although I’m sure you had no doubts) I have ZERO pain. Not a little, but ZERO. I am having the best day, work wise, I’ve had in months and I feel like I almost have a new life. Especially with I’ve been through the last little while.
Thanks again.  I am truly appreciative "   

 John G  Burlington