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A Course in Miracles (the Course) is a self study spiritual pursuit, assisting you on a path to finding God through non duality or oneness, by way of 365 lessons (one per day), a workbook and manual for teachers. 


According to the Course, our relationship with God is changeless. Nothing can affect our eternal peace. All we can do is fall asleep and not remember who we are. Yet even during our sleep, our "sins" have no real effect on our relationship with God, and so they don’t even exist. The focus of the course is the practice of true forgiveness; of what we consider to be our sins, or the perceived sins of others, and eventually the removal of all barriers to peace. 


Many find the book to be a difficult read, as it is a jump from the teachings of the world done through our ego, to a deeper understanding of oneness.  When you are ready to learn, or start to remember who you truly are, it feels like an inner pull or little voice to remembering  truth that helps you find the right teacher or teaching tools. 


After studying spirituality for over twenty years, I have found truth through the ongoing reading of the Course and daily lessons; finding inner peace that I couldn’t reach from any other source.  As I continue to study as both a teacher and student, my “inner” life has not only changed, through an ever expanding gift of intuition and deeper connection to God, but the outer physical has also changed in ways that I couldn't even imagine.


The Course is purposely a slow read, in a format that was written in a way to stand the test of time.  Much like the writings of Shakespeare that requires focus, the Course will be understood hundreds of years from now. To help me get started, I found that reading Gary Renard’s, Disappearance of the Universe help me to understand the principles in an easy and fun way.  Ken Wapnick's, considered to be one of the greatest teacher of the Course has some excellent youtube videos to help you.


To those who have labeled the Course as another cult or religion; the study of the principles within the reading does not encourage creating a community of like minded people (although it can happen and be beneficial) but by going inward you can find all answers.    The Course, requires no one else to participate, and isn’t the only way to finding God.  As it states, “there are many paths to enlightenment”, this is just one. 


Relinquishing your ego, and the return to your original state of complete wholeness; not by embracing your ego, or making it real or your friend, or even trying to understand it, is what makes the Course a very different study from many new age theories.  Understanding what the world is, how you created it, the illusion of it, and how to forgive everything and everyone in it takes practice and perseverance.

The Course is simple and often parts are repeated on purpose, as it is slowly unwinding your ego, and bringing you back to your original mind. The goal is not to eliminate problems in your life, but to reach a state where the problems no longer affect your peace, and your true function in life is uncovered.


The entire course is summarized right at the beginning;

                       "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God.”  

I have been teaching ACIM for many years, to groups and individuals.  Should you wish to book a introductory seminar, please contact me to arrange.  Email:

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