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You’ve been searching for answers.  Learn how to find them!

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Learn the basics of A Course in Miracles

14 weekly 1 hour zoom meetings - $295 

Knowing the course principles and applying them on a daily basis can sometimes be difficult, especially when being bombarded on a regular basis with daily challenges and struggles.  This course is available to anyone who wants to learn (even if your book has been collecting dust on your shelf for the last few years)  


What will you learn?


An overview of ACIM fundamentals

What is the Ego and how do we forgive it?

What does forgiveness actually mean?

What is oneness and enlightenment?

True Abundance and Prayer

Meditations for stress release and connecting for guidance


The Purpose for Relationships

Understanding true forgiveness

Learn how to deal with difficult relationships



What is illness? What is true healing? What is magic?

What is enlightenment?

Who is this  for?


This course is for anyone interested in taking their spiritual practice to the next level, or is interested in learning more about the course before starting.  

50 page Course pdf included – excluding ACIM book (available on-line or Chapters)

Recommended reading prior to attending:   

Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard  

Recommended online resource for A Course in Miracles; book, workbook & teacher manual:    ​       

Facilitated by Lora Nedkov, MBA RHN

Lora is an experienced group facilitator, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Student.   Ongoing support will be given to students through free weekly meetings or one-on-one counselling.

What's in it for you?

Learn how to find the answers within and live a more peaceful, joyful life, no matter what is happening around you. 

Learn how to let go of the past, heal ANY relationship and find your true purpose.

Topics Covered 

Overview of Course

How it came to be

Helen Schucman background

Perception versus Knowledge

What is a Miracle?

What is real?

What is Sin?

What is Forgiveness?

Special vs Holy Relationships

Judgement vs Discernment

Judgement & The Authority Problem


Healing & Magic


Abundance - What does it really mean?

What is My Purpose?

What is the Holy Instant?

Projection vs Creation

Creating vs Making

True Prayer

"Lora is an amazing teacher and healer. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend her Spiritual Bootcamp! This workshop truly deepened my awareness of who I am. I enjoyed the meditations, and healings, which have helped transform my relationships and have filled my spirit with love, joy, and peace. Thank you"

Iren C.  Burlington, ON

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