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True Prayer and ACIM

True Prayer and A Course in MIracles

Prayer in A Course in Miracles is not about begging for external circumstances to change, but rather about shifting one's inner perspective and mindset. The purpose is to move from a state of fear, judgment, and separation to an embrace of love, forgiveness, and unity.

Prayer acts as a tool for inner transformation rather than manipulation of the outer world. By adjusting your perception through prayer, you can profoundly change how you interpret and experience reality, leading to greater peace and understanding.

The aim is to cultivate inner peace and strengthen your connection with the Divine, letting go of personal desires and outcomes in favour of trusting a higher wisdom and guidance. Instead of trying to alter events directly, the focus is on changing how one sees and experiences them. This goes for praying for others, as well as anything happening in the world.

To practice this form of prayer, set aside dedicated time for prayer and meditation, approaching it with an open mind and heart. This allows the transformative power of prayer to work on shifting your perspective from fear and judgment to love and oneness. It also means releasing your own ideas of what is right and wrong and allowing a higher power to guide you.

Ultimately, prayer in A Course in Miracles is about embracing a shift in consciousness, moving away from being caught up in external circumstances and towards finding peace and harmony within. It is a powerful tool for inner transformation and aligning with the teachings of the course.

“In order to change your world, change your mind about it.”

Instead of praying for external circumstances to change, the key is to shift your perspective and focus inward. By recognizing that the outer world is a reflection of your inner state of mind, you can transform your reality from within. When you change your perception and let go of fear, lack, and limitation, you align with a higher state of peace, abundance, and well-being. This inner shift allows you to see the world through a lens of love and possibility, rather than being trapped by negative perceptions and beliefs.

Instead of praying for specific outcomes, pray to perceive things differently, and open your heart to the infinite potential within you. As you embody this higher state of being, your outer reality naturally shifts to reflect your new, empowered perspective. The true power lies not in trying to change the external world, but in changing your mind first. When you align with the truth of your divine nature, the outer world rearranges itself to match your elevated state. This is the path to genuine transformation and lasting peace.

Rev. Lora Nedkov, Spiritual Intuitive


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