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The Purpose of A Course in Miracles: Accepting the Atonement for Yourself

The Purpose of A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles teaches that our true purpose has nothing to do with what we do in life, but rather a shift in our thought system. The fundamental purpose is to accept the atonement for ourselves through the process of forgiveness and miracles.

The atonement is the means by which we remember our true self by releasing the ego's false beliefs. This is achieved through the practice of forgiveness, which allows us to see the world and others through the lens of love rather than fear. Miracles, then, are the natural result of this change in perception - a shift from fear to love.

Ultimately, the purpose outlined in A Course in Miracles is not about accomplishing great deeds or finding some elusive meaning in the world. Rather, it is an invitation to undergo an internal transformation, releasing the ego's grip and returning to the truth of our spiritual nature. This is the only true purpose we need to fulfill.

A Course in Miracles is not about achieving worldly success or finding external fulfillment. Rather, it is an inward journey of remembering our true identity as spiritual beings, inseparable from the love and light that is our Source. By aligning our thoughts and perceptions with this truth, we then naturally become instruments of healing and transformation, not just for ourselves, but for the world around us.

If we let go of the need to be "something" in the world, and instead shift the focus to internal teaching, it becomes much easier to find a path in the world and the guidance to what will bring us the most joy in the world becomes natural.

The Course teaches that each of us has a "special function" - a unique role to play in the great return to our Creator. This special function is not something we can will or strive for on our own, but rather, it is a gift that is unveiled to us as we learn to surrender to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

As we quiet our minds and open our hearts, the Holy Spirit will gradually reveal to us what our part is in the whole. It may come in the form of a calling, a passion, or simply a deep sense of peace and rightness. Whatever shape it takes, our special function is an expression of the love and light that is our true nature.

The journey back to God is not one of struggle or striving, but of remembering. Through the teachings of A Course in Miracles, we can learn to trust the process, release our attachment to ego-driven goals, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us home.

Rev. Lora Nedkov


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