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How do I Start A Course in Miracles?

Students new to the course often ask the question where do I begin with A Course in Miracles?

One of the first suggestions I make, (if you want to make life easier for yourself), is to read Gary Renard's Disappearance of the Universe. Once you have finished, hang on to it as you will find yourself reading it over and over again. Each time you read it you will find deeper meaning and understanding of the Course.

The version of A Course in Miracles I read is from the Foundation for A Course in Miracles, but there are a few versions out there.

The reason I have kept to this one is because it is the original version that was approved by Helen Schucman, who was the scribe of the course.

To get started with ACIM, I suggest that students head to the workbook; the daily lessons. There is only one rule for completing the course, and that is to do only one lesson per day. If you need to spend a few days on a lesson then it's not a problem; just don't get stuck or feel like you haven't done the lessons well enough, and start all over again half way through. Keep going.

If you feel inspired, what I did was start the lessons at the back, one per day, (and no I did not do each one perfectly), and kept going each day with a lesson. (You can always repeat the whole year once you get through the first year. And likely you will want to.) Along with that I read a few pages of the text every evening, or until I fell asleep.

Remember this is not only an intellectual pursuit but you are asked to actively practice the course every day. And like everything else that is a practice, you get better and better the more you do it. Don't feel discouraged if you find a particular passage difficult to understand. Everything in the book is repeated over and over in many ways to help you understand, and train your mind to think with only Holy Spirit, or to act with love.

If you are looking for more inspiration check out Ken Wapnick's and Gary Renard's teachings which are all on youtube.

Happy Reading! Feel free to reach out if you are ever looking for some help with your practice.


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