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Handling Illness Through the Lens of A Course in Miracles

Handling illness and ACIM

Your body and any fearful emotions around illness are ultimately symbols that can be used as inspiration on your spiritual path, but true healing and salvation can only come from within.

The Course teaches that the removal of symptoms is not the goal - rather, it is the shift in perception that leads to genuine healing. We are encouraged not to be invested in the outcome when praying for healing, but to look beyond the symptoms to the cause of illness by connecting with the Holy Spirit.

Healing and atonement (accepting the path to remembering who you are) are identical; they both require looking past the physical effects and symptoms to the deeper spiritual truth. By turning to Holy Spirit rather than fixating on the problem, we open ourselves to a miraculous shift in mindset that can transform our experience, which may or may not alleviate symptoms immediately.

Ultimately, the Course reminds us that true healing goes far beyond the temporary relief of symptoms. It is an awakening to our eternal, perfect nature - a recognition that we were never truly sick or in need of fixing in the first place.

Emotions, just like physical symptoms, are a reflection of our inner state. According to A Course in Miracles, any emotion that is not love is based on an illusion. The only true emotion is love, and when we align with ego thoughts of fear, we experience that lack of peace as fear or anxiety.

When faced with difficult emotions, the path forward is not to suppress or ignore them, but to go within and connect with the calm part of our mind that is always available. By aligning with the truth of who we are, we can move past the temporary emotions and reconnect with the love that is our essence.

Just as illness can be a symbol to guide us back to truth, so too can our emotions. Rather than getting caught up in the drama of our feelings, we can use them as signposts, gently reminding us to return to the peace and clarity that lies at our core. In doing so, we transcend the illusion of the ego and reclaim the love that is our birthright.

Rev. Lora Nedkov


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