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Spiritual Counseling - It isn't always warm and fuzzy.

How to get the most out of your Intuitive Counseling session.

Intuitive Counselor and Client
Spriitual Counseling

When most people think of Energy Healing, they think of relaxation, warmth, and gentleness. Sometimes it is! With an intuitive therapist, often getting to the heart of an issue requires digging a little deeper into what's blocking your happiness, through asking some hard questions.

It can take work to get past the years of resistance that you have created. A Spiritual Counselor that works with you will know when to push a little, and when to allow you to work at your own pace. Your "aha" moments are yours to find, but often getting to them takes some effort and willingness.

When you are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and see things from a different perspective, you open the door to long lasting changes. Often Energy/Reiki sessions are used to allow your body and mind to relax into a more receptive space. It is then easier to work through your blocks with an Intuitive Counselor.

Tips to consider before booking an Intuitive Session

Tip #1 -Enter With An Open Mind and Heart with an Intuitive Counselor

Go into a session without any expectations. Have your questions ready but be ready to allow the session to flow naturally.

Tip #2 - Be Ready To Dive Deep Into Some Emotions That May Not Be Comfortable.

Be honest and open with the emotions that start to come up in a session. This is your guide to getting to the root of an issue. Blocking your emotions blocks the journey to the removing any pain.

Tip #3 - It Took Years To Get You Here

It may seem like the same issues keep coming up time and again, but in truth you are just unraveling another layer. Be kind to yourself while you go through the process. Once you ask for something to be healed, get out of the way so it can happen!

Tip #4 - Watch for Resistance

You have been so used to doing things the same way, with the same thought system, your ego will naturally resist change. Go deep within and ask yourself if a new perspective will make you happier or do you want to hold on to the past.

Tip #5 - You Wont' Know Unless You Try!

Lastly, you have nothing to lose by reaching out for help and asking to see things differently; Whether you are working on a difficult relationship, illness or looking to deepen your spiritual practice, investing in yourself will always have rewards.

You have the keys to happiness within you. Allowing a Spiritual Therapist to help is not a sign of weakness but an investment in YOU! While it sometimes can be a painful process, it is totally worth it. Removing the obstacles to love, and to the joy within you, is the goal of each therapy session.

Ready to give it a go! Struggling with an issue and want to get to the heart of it?

I am here to help you.

Book a session today and release old thought patterns to experience your natural state of joy!


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