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Finding Faith

Having faith can mean believing in something bigger than yourself. It's so easy to become lost in the day to day activities we create,and goals we set for the future, but faith relies on a understanding that you are not the only creator of your reality.

It is in times of struggle where pushing to achieve, going beyond physical limits to hit unrealistic targets, or goals that are supposedly designed to maintain joy and happiness, when faith becomes harder to experience.

During times of stress, and when unable to let go of thoughts that burden us, it's becomes more difficult to find time to take a “time-out” If we quiet our minds for just a few minutes, we can often find more energy, more inspiration, and simply rest that is needed before taking any further action. Sometimes, when we don’t listen, unconsciously we will instruct our bodies to “make” us slow down through illness or injury.

Taking responsibility for others, having important jobs that never leave our thoughts, and tight deadlines, are sneaky ways the ego takes over, and limits connection to our higher awareness and self - the place where all peace lies. Some build busy jobs and lives in order to mask unhappiness, or a disconnect from self, too afraid or restless to go inward, yet if the leap is taken, the results are undeniable.

Take time this year, time to mediate, read, relax, go inward. You can find time when it becomes a priority. Faith is found when you learn to get quiet,and connect with the deep part of your mind that can only be found in stillness. Searching outside for faith will lead you in the right direction, but ultimately only scratches the surface. The discovery of the “knowing” part of your mind takes quietness. Making decisions becomes easier, when you build a strong faith.

Your thoughts and actions in this world play a part in how your react to events in your life, and as faith is developed, less and less of the outside world can touch the inner peace that is developed. This year, make a resolution for less activity, and more reflection in order to find more happiness. One of the easiest ways to get started is through guided meditation. Sometimes focusing on someone else's words, rather than on your own, is a great way to start the process of instantly going quiet when needed. Please feel free to contact me for guided meditation sites, and stress relievers that can help with relaxation, or for other helpful tips.


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