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Letting Go

May has always been the start of new projects or jobs for me. This May is no exception as the store is launching a new line of products, going on-line, and expanding with a new membership program and practitioners. This May feels a bit different as I now have learned to take the time to ask for guidance before starting any new project. Letting go of control is often hard for A- types like myself but it saves time and effort, and fills me with with more energy while launching new projects. When inspired, it means that forces beyond my ego control have joined with me to make things go smoother, and with less effort.

When in "my lane" and working with spirit, new projects seem to take on a life of their own. Struggle comes when I move out of that connection and believe I am doing things on my own, with no guidance, other than my learned responses from business school and work experience. Work harder, work smarter have been drilled into me for years in sales and management positions, yet all that seemed to create was frustration and exhaustion.

Taking a minute to breath and "be" rather than "do" gives me the opportunity to create from a place of inspiration; a space of uplifting presence rather than exhaustion.Rather than going into fix everything mode when in doubt, I now take a day/week/month to just allow the process, and move into it, rather than fight it. Forgiving along the way - whether it be from perceived "mistakes" , rough sales periods, or frustrating people allows me to stay peaceful with all the changes and uncertainty. Knowing that I'm always guided and protected no matter what seems to be happening around me, allows the forgiving process to become much faster and easier. Everything is happening in perfect timing, and for perfect reason, and I alone don't have the big picture or any real control, and that's ok.

Lora Nedkov, MBA RHNSpiritual Teacher/StudentHolistic Counsellor - helping others live a more peaceful, purpose-filled life

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