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Are you struggling to understand your life?
Are you finding your relationships challenging?
Are you trying to find happiness?
Are you struggling on how to apply spirituality to work

"Getting to the heart of the  

 blocks to love's awareness"

over 25 years experience as an Intuitive Healer & Counsellor

Rev. Lora Nedkov, MBA, RHN

Intuitively Guided Sessions for:

  • Relationship Help & Healing

  • ACIM Practical Applications

  • Spiritual Counselling & Understanding True Forgiveness

  • Finding your "Happy" & Purpose

Have a question about intuitive counseling or want to get started right away? Fill out this simple form and I will be in touch with you as soon as I receive it.  You can also call 905.580.4898 or click the link below, and book your session today! 

The only way to move forward is to let go of the past.  This includes healing relationships and events so that they no longer interfere with your present decisions.  Learn how to heal the past.  After one session you will feel lighter and have more clarity.  As a gifted Intuitive, Lora quickly dives into the most pressing issues to help you release the trauma or forgive past and current relationships, so that you can move beyond any anger, grief or frustration.

To learn more about Lora, click here

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