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"What if" and A Course in Miracles

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A Course in Miracles teaches us that "what if" scenarios are based on the ego and the future. These hypothetical situations are rooted in past references and have nothing to do with the present moment or with love. When we find ourselves caught up in "what if" thinking, we are operating from a place of fear and lack. We are projecting into an imagined future based on our experiences, rather than staying grounded in the here and now. This type of thinking keeps us trapped in the illusion of the ego.

The Course encourages us to let go of these hypothetical scenarios and instead focus on the truth of our being - that we are whole, perfect, and loved, in this very moment. By releasing our attachment to the past and the future, we open ourselves to the miracle of the present, where we can experience the boundless love that is our divine inheritance.

The Course's teachings remind us that true peace and liberation lie in fully embracing the present moment, free from the constraints of the ego's endless ruminations. When we surrender our attachment to "what if" scenarios, we open ourselves to the profound realization that our inherent worth and wholeness are not reliant upon any external circumstances or imagined futures. In this sacred now, we can let go of the fear and lack that fuel our projections into hypothetical realities. We can choose instead to rest in the unwavering truth of our divine nature – regardless of the ego's insistent narratives to the contrary.

As we release the need to mentally rehearse imagined outcomes, we create space for the miracle of presence to unfold. In this spacious awareness, we can experience the boundless love that is our true essence, a love that transcends the limitations of the ego's illusions and fears. The Course invites us to a profound homecoming – a return to the eternal peace and wholeness that reside within us in each and every moment, waiting to be rediscovered and embraced.

Lora Nedkov, spiritual intuitive

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Jun 06

So True! It's amazing what opens up to us, if onw allows it all to unfold and not try to "make it so!" Our thinking is limited.

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