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Staying Connected to Spirit

A few students in class have experienced confusion on what it means to "stay connected" to Spirit.

You can never disconnect from God but you can forget. Your natural state is to be peaceful but along the way you have allowed obstacles to block it. To be practicing A Course in Miracles and truly forgiving yourself and others, you will automatically enjoy more moments of peace and joy.

Connecting to Spirit is not a special way of being or something you need to find, or search for in meditation. You don't need to be in a meditative state to be happy and peaceful. If you are feeling out of sorts, then sometimes trying something else is the answer. As Ken Wapnick always stressed..."Be normal"

Go watch a comedy, play a sport, go for a walk. Step out of your head for a moment as it's likely you have been hanging around in there too long, analyzing and thinking about what it is that is missing. Nothing is missing or lacking. You are exactly where you need to be, and doing what you need to be doing in the moment. If you pose a question or ask help from Spirit, then step out of the way and wait for the answer. You will always be shown.

By taking a break from yourself for a minute, you allow new thoughts and ideas to enter. Inspiration and guidance can come from anything if you are open; a tv show, another person, or a sudden thought. Being Spiritually aligned doesn't mean that you are the best at understanding the Course; it means that you practice forgiveness when it arises, and are gentle with yourself as a student. You may not experience big changes in your outside world, although that can happen as you progress along your forgiveness path.

By taking care of "worldly" things like your health, your job, your relationships, while you are applying the lessons, you will start to notice slight shifts. Take one day at a time. If you happen to be taking a road that is not in your best interest, you will be guided to another.


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