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What is True Prayer

What is true prayer?

Following the popularity of “The Secret” many have tried and failed to "manifest things” in life and then get frustrated.

By asking for something material, you are then making the world “real”. The main teaching of ACIM is to help you learn that this world is not real. You are part of God, and always home with God. You have made up the illusion of this world through your ego which is really good at making things appear to be real. The more you think this world is real, the longer it takes you to go home to God. Why would you want to be back with God and leave this world? Because your true state is love, not this body, and the only thing between you and God is any leftover guilt from originally separating from God.

“True prayer” is a giving up of yourself to be at one with Love. It doesn’t mean you give up anything of this world, or that you can’t enjoy things here, but you hold no attachment to anything. So when you pray, you ask for love, peace or to be shown differently about something.

When I am in doubt of anything, frustrated or not understanding what is happening around me, I ask Holy Spirit to show me a different way. Everything can be perceived in the light if you ask. Everything. Once there is understanding of what you are really seeing is only about you, the next step is to forgive yourself and the other and it is then that you can be washed over with peace.

Living A Course in Miracles, means that you desire peace every day. It doesn’t mean you are not challenged by things that happen in the world, but once you truly ask to live in peace, you will be shown how. If you feel a lack of anything, look inside for the lack. Nothing of this world will make you happy because you are looking in the wrong place.

Ask and you shall receive is not about receiving things of this world, it is about asking for peace and then allowing it to happen.

Mediate on that one...see what happens.

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