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Why Prayer is misunderstood

Over the last few years, with the release of "The Secret" book and movie, the word and practice of manifesting has become more and more popular among spiritual seekers.

" If I just think, stay positive, and pray hard enough, I can have it".

From the ego point of view, this can often appear on the outside to be true, however it leaves those seekers meditating and dreaming about having "things", and then not getting them, empty inside and frustrated.

What exactly is happening?

From A Course in Miracles perspective when you are in a "wanting" or "needing" stage through lack, you have placed yourself in ego mind; no matter what it is; a new house, an idea, a new partner etc. because you feel somehow having them will make you happier.

Everything you could possibly need or want, when placed in the direction and guidance of Holy Spirit will be exactly right for you, because Holy Spirit (or your higher self if that's easier to imagine) can see the bigger picture. It knows everything that has happened to you in the past, what is going to happen in the future, and what is important for you in the present. You are exactly where you need to be in the moment. If you are not happy, then looking outside and trying to get things or change circumstances, will not be a permanent state, until you start to remember your wholeness comes from within.

You are whole and complete.

Once you start to practice the course, and understand that you are always in a place of wholeness, you can then allow Holy Spirit to enter with you in any creative processes, and trust that you will always be guided to everything that is perfect for you in this life. Whether you get it or not, does not disrupt your peace or happiness. It's likely you can't even imagine what it is your really want or need, especially if you are stuck in ego and feeling lack. When you start to connect with Holy Spirit, you are heading to a place of joy, without lack which takes practice.

Next time you pray or meditate, empty yourself of any needs or wants, and allow yourself a moment to simply ask to become connected to God. Then wait, and allow impressions or feelings to come to you, without any expectations. If quieting your mind is difficult, try either guided meditations or music. Often quieting the mind is the hardest part, but even 5 minutes of silence is beneficial, first thing in the morning or before you sleep.



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