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Who needs therapy?

In my twenties I struggled with on and off depression, never really knowing why. I had a good job, lived in a great apartment, had friends, but there was always this nagging sadness. I knew there was something missing.

What I have learned is that you can never be truly peaceful, and authentically happy without developing a connection to God (Love).

Years of therapy were simply (although not at the time) helping me peel back the layers to my authentic self, the self that is directly connected to God.

Who needs therapy? Everyone needs a little help now and then.

Therapy worked when it helped shed all the guilt, anger and mistrust so that love guided my inner voice rather than ego. Therapy worked when I learned to distinguish the two opposing voices going on in my head; love, and fear (ego).

My best therapists were not necessarily those with the most credentials, but those who could help me connect to remembering who I truly am. From everything I continue to learn after almost thirty years of spiritual study and therapy, my job as a therapist, is to connect with that powerful part of me when assisting others. My gifts as an intuitive are not unique but something that I have been developing over time and practice. I work at making sure that my sight is clear, and without judgement. By helping others reframe issues through the lens of forgiveness, and guiding them to see things differently, healing takes place.

I still reach to friends, and fellow therapists for assistance when getting stuck, and believe it is a lifelong process of practicing. With A Course in Miracles as my daily guide and through help and inspiration of others, I rarely have days of depression.


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