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Where is my Happy?

Let's start by looking at where "happy" is not. You will never find happiness outside yourself, because there is nothing out there but reflections of how you are feeling about yourself.

Whenever you extend a service for another person (good deeds or any offering of yourself) with any expectations of something in return, you have added a condition. Like love, happiness has no outside conditions that can truly affect it. When triggered by another person, because they didn't meet your expectations, rather being offended (which usually happens until you look inward), take a beat and sit in gratitude for a moment. Why gratitude? Because without that trigger, you would never have the opportunity to heal. If you allow someone else to take you out of your happiness, thank them, as you have this time now to reflect on how you have created a moment where you allow someone else to dictate how you are feeling.

Another way to get back into your happy place, is to ask yourself "how am I being guided" If you are guided daily through guilt, duty, or "just because it's always been that way" then allow yourself to take one step today that may or may not be welcomed by others. It is an action that you want towards being happier, and has nothing to do with anyone else. It doesn't have to be a big step. Perhaps it means saying no, when you don't feel like participating in something, or dusting off a resume if you no longer like the work you are doing.

You do not have the power to affect anyone else's decisions to be happy without their permission. If your actions appear to affect another's happiness, remember, they also have the ability, and guidance within to change their circumstances.

Worry, guilt and anger are all blocks to happiness and love. Blocks cannot exist at the same time as happiness. You are always moving daily between the two. Reducing the blocks by taking responsibility for everything you have created, starts you on a path to living with more happiness.




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