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What is Prayer?

For those of us who are reading and practicing the course, we can sometimes get caught up in the unconcious routines of the ego without taking a deeper look. One of these areas that can sometimes be confusing is the act of prayer.

I found this on my facebook feed this morning and wanted to share it with you as I think it sums up the act of prayer, as it aligns with course thinking

It’s from Patricia Aural from Madrid Spain

"We never pray for anyone, we always do it for ourselves.

I don't pray for your sickness, I pray because I perceive you sick.

I don't pray for your lack of money, I pray because I see you scarce.

I don't pray for your need for work, love, etc.. I pray because I find you in need.

Prayer is delivery, it is recognition, it is asking not to change anything in the world but to correct the false belief in my mind that there is a world in need.

Therefore pray, join in prayer to the Holy Spirit and deliver your perception, your interpretation in exchange for His.

Ask your mind to be healed and for that offer your world to Him who knows there is no world."

Our job as course students is to change our minds about the world, not change anything in it. Once you judge something in the world as bad, or in need, you make it real. And by making it real, you keep the ego in tact and keep the illusions and the world of duality going.

In allowing your self to connect with Holy Spirit or love, you get closer to remembering the truth of who you are, and your perceptions of everything that you appear to see changes to only loving thoughts.


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