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Perception is in the eyes of the Beholder

I just finished watching My Octopus Teacher on Netflix, and after sobbing for a few days, am reminded about the nature of love, and how all of us view the world so differently.

As the Course in Miracles states; "if you seek controversy, you will find it". The Octopus story reminds us that we all have the ability to decide how we want to perceive the world. We can look at it through the eyes of a victim, an angry person, or jealousy like some of the critics of the movie, or can decide to see the beauty in everything. Sometimes this isn't so easy. Through the practicing of A Course in Miracles, I am gently led to the my own decision to view the world through the eyes of love, for love is all that is real. It doesn't mean hiding your face in the sand when you perceive what appears to be horrible things in the world. It is a decision to look at things from a higher perspective. From there you can decide to take, or not take action.

We don't have the ability to see all the decisions, angles, background and inputs that go into everything that happens in the world. We only see a small fragment. From the view above, there is a higher purpose to everything. This is where trust and forgiveness come into play. To see the world with the lens of love, requires us to know that we cannot see all the moving parts at play, only our small ego perception. By forgiving anything we see that appears to not be love, we are training our minds to be at peace, no matter what is happening around us, and view without ego. By forgiving, we are reminding ourselves that everything in this world that can be changed or threatened is not real. Only love is real and only love remains constant and cannot change.

After watching the movie, I am reminded that love happens in many forms. I don't think I can eat Octopus again.

Lora Nedkov

Spiritual Intuitive



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