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How do you forgive "bad" people?

One of the reasons I was attracted to A Course in Miracles is because I found a spiritual practice that finally answered the question..

"How could God have created horrible people and acts?"

For years as a practicing Spiritual Intuitive and teacher, I could never answer this question. I held it out as one of the great mysteries that could never be known. After studying the course I finally understood...

How Could God have created horrible things in this world?

Answer: He/She/It didn't!

The world we appear to see is created by our ego's; that part of us that believes it is separate from God. Having really never left our home in God, we believe we separated, and our egos created this world, this illusion. We appeared to separate into Love & Ego.

As the Course states right from the beginning

Nothing real can be threatened or destroyed. Nothing unreal exists.

Only love is real. If only love is real, there is no such thing as duality; no such thing as good or bad. We made it all up.

How do you forgive "bad" people?

Steps to Forgiveness

If someone is acting in what appears to be harmful, you can choose to view it as a call for love, rather than a bad action or bad person. As there is only love, by practicing this type of forgiveness, you can start to see only love.

Think of forgiveness in steps:

  1. Once you can understand that we are all really at home with God and appearing to be in human form, having a human experience, you can start to view your life from a different place. Imagine watching your life movie, and all the actors in it as people helping you to return home. The people who annoy you the most are the best teachers to help you remember you are really home because they are providing the best forgiveness opportunities.

  2. Any person lashing out is hurting. They are trying to "rid" themselves of the guilt of separating from God. The only way they feel they can do this is by projecting this onto someone else.

  3. If someone appears to be harming you, or you are irritated in any way by someone, take a moment to recognize that

all harmful actions are a call to love from a hurt person. It has nothing to do with you, or in any way true. Only love is real. Only love is true.

You now can take the step to true forgiveness by knowing that this person is projecting anger or pain toward you, and it can end there. By viewing it from a higher perspective you can start to forgive the actor in your movie. He/She is playing their part in helping you remember home.

This doesn't mean you stay in harmful relationships or continue to allow actions, it means that you can leave with peace and forgiveness, or by forgiving it, a different relationship may be created.

The same process applies to larger figures, even political ones. Anyone acting out of fear or pain, is projecting. Some have very large projectors and appear to be touching hundreds of people. It's the same process. If you are judging anyone as being anything less than love, you are viewing from your ego. By taking the steps to forgiveness you can start to see the world in a different way. By forgiving, you can taking loving actions and steps in this world, as you will be guided by love rather than your ego.

Lora Nedkov,

Spiritual Teacher/Student

A Course in Miracles


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