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Forgiveness Opportunities

“What do I need to forgive today?”

You will have plenty enough to forgive without searching. If you are at peace, then enjoy the moment. As you are ready, opportunities to remove the guilt from your mind will appear when it’s the right time. If you spent your time recognizing when you are angry or even slightly frustrated, and then apply the forgiveness steps, you are way further ahead, then looking for issues. Forgiveness can appear to be multi layered. Often I hear in session

“but I already worked on this”

If you are still taken out of your peace, then true forgiveness is not complete. The first step tp recognizing a forgiveness opportunity is remembering that any problem is always within yourself. No one can go into your mind and make you angry, regardless of how much you think it’s their fault. It’s always a choice to be angry.

We forgive people not because they have really done anything (which would make us victims of this world), but recognizes that your mind creates everything around you, whether conscious or unconscious. By asking Holy Spirit to see things differently when you are annoyed or frustrated, you will always be given an answer. You just may not like it at the time, because the answer is always to forgive.

Acknowledging that on some level you created the opportunity and it has been done for you, and not to you, gives you the ability to release buried guilt through forgiveness . No one does anything to you.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you stay in all relationships, as you can definitely have preferences, but what it does mean is that when faced with any opportunity to forgive, and remembering it is an opportunity to forgive, you are one step closer to seeing only with love and finding lasting peace.

Forgiveness leads to peace


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