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Finding Peace in a Pandemic

One of the things I appreciate most as A Course in Miracles (ACIM) student is that any time I find irritation, anger, frustration or unsettling happenings in the world around me, I can turn to the teachings of ACIM.

It's a challenging time even for the most devout student. Letting go of judgement when the world seems to be falling apart is trying at the least. One of the visualizations that helps me the most is remembering to view the world as a play. I imagine rising above the world and looking down on it like a movie. In a well made movie, you actually feel like one of the characters and find yourself emotionally involved with the story line. It's the same with your life. It's so easy to get caught in the drama, and a great way for my ego to get engaged and think it's running my life.

Rising above the crowd and imagining that I can view it with Holy Spirit (or Jesus if that is more comforting visual) allows me to view the world without judgement and attachment. I imagine myself eating popcorn and watching what is happening; Covid, the USA, is a really dramatic movie. It doesn't mean detaching from the world in a way that makes me create a false life in delusion, but it does mean that I can move more peacefully through day, knowing that my home is with God, not with the separated bodies seeming to move through the world.

Being at one with everything literally means that I am one with everything. I judge others, I judge myself. Judging something as good or bad also means that I have made the world real. My purpose as a student is to learn to see everything, and everyone without judgement, knowing that I can't possibly see the whole picture, unless I have the ability, like Holy Spirit, to see the past, present and future of all that is happening. Everything is happening for me, not to me as I am the creator of my reality. I can choose differently, when I remember that I don't have all the pieces of what is happening. Allowing my ego of this crazy world to run the show means that I am buying into "good" and "evil". Connecting with Holy Spirit during these times and "asking to see things differently" will guide me back to peace. I can't do it alone, so am grateful to have friends and family to help.

Lora Nedkov

Spritiual Counselor

ACIM Student & Teacher


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