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Connecting to your spiritual self

Some clients get frustrated that they can't get in touch with their inner voice to help guide them in the "right" direction. It is often confusing for those who meditate, thinking that there has to be a big magical moment when they get instant clarity, and can make a decision.

The voice for God or Holy Spirit can come to us in many ways, and not just as a "voice".

Your questions are always answered, just maybe not in the way you would like. Sometimes your answers are not given during meditation, but can often come through actual experience in the outer world. If you are having difficulty making a decision, and want to connect to your spiritual self for an answer, first put it out to the universe. Then wait. The answer may come to you through someone else during a conversation, through an insight watching a television show, or simply walking in nature. Be patient. The answers will come, but you have to be open to listening in the many ways that Holy Spirit comes to us. Also remember, you can never make the wrong decision. Each decision leads us, and while you may need to make a different decision down the road, when you look back, everything is teaching us.

Lora Nedkov

Spiritual Counselor

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