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Arguments and ACIM

Have you ever been in a discussion or argument with someone and you are trying to get your point across, but they are just not getting it. You're both getting frustrated, and the conversation is going no where?

You are attempting to get them to understand your point of view What you may really be doing is trying to change their mind, or control their perception, if you feel any anger or irritation. At the point of frustration, you would be much better off pausing for a minute and asking yourself...

Would I rather be right or happy?

The only part of you that ever wants to be right is your ego. The true part of your mind knows that it doesn't matter. You can be peaceful without being right. Your job as a spiritual student and teacher, is to know that the truth requires no defence. If you can be peaceful while statng your opinion, and decide that you would rather be happy than right, you have mastered your ego.

You hold your truth and a peaceful space, and know that trying to change or teach anyone else (who is not asking) is not your job.

By allowing everyone else the opportunity to grow at their own pace, doesn't mean you have to stay in all relationships, but you can find peace no matter who you are talking with, if you allow them to be who they are without judgement.


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