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A Course in Miracles and Entities

A Course in Miracles and Entities

The idea of ghosts and entities can be a bit unsettling but according to A Course in Miracles, these supernatural beings actually originate in our own minds.

The Course teaches that nothing exists in our illusion outside of our own consciousness. Any experiences we have of ghosts, spirits, or other entities are simply projections of our own thoughts and beliefs. These "entities" are not independent beings, but rather reflections of the fearful or negative ideas we hold within.

The good news is, by shifting our mindset and letting go of these limiting beliefs, we can dissolve the power that these entities seem to have over us. It's all about taking responsibility for our own minds and not giving our power away to imagined forces. Shifting our perspective can be liberating. We realize our fears and anxieties are self-created. Recognizing our ability to reshape reality by changing our viewpoint doesn't make life problem-free, but allows us to approach challenges with agency and resilience. We stop blaming external factors and focus on what we can control - our thoughts, actions, and reactions. This increased self-awareness supports personal growth, as we become more conscious of our patterns and make deliberate choices

So the next time you feel spooked by the paranormal, remember - it's all in your head. With the principles of A Course in Miracles as your guide, you can learn to look past the illusions and reclaim your inherent wholeness.

Rev. Lora Nedkov


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