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Worry sends a message, whether in thought or words, to another that you are reinforcing their belief in whatever is going wrong in their life, whether health, financial or other problems. Worry is based in fear and is a signal that you have lost touch with the truth of who you are, and any actions, or words that follow are usually in effort to control a situation through fear. Worry is a sign that you have slipped into ego which is always based in fear, and made the decision that either you or the other person does not have the ability to heal or to get help for any lack. It would much more helpful and purposeful for you to decide differently.

Love extends, and is limitless. Knowing this, when you see someone who has the appearance of needing help, sending the thought of love or the thought that they will recover from their problem, will reinforce the truth in their mind, and allow them to find healing through their own darkness. It doesn’t mean you don’t offer help, if guided, nor does it mean you negate what they are feeling. It means that you hold the thought of wholeness for them, knowing that they have access to their own inner guide, who always answers.

Trying to control a situation through panic and forcefulness for another sends the message that they do not have the ability to heal, and you are going to fix it. This is the ego at its finest. It may appear to the outside world that you are doing a beautiful thing, and must be a caring person, but what is happening is that the trust in yourself and the other has been lost, and the journey back to love is needed. You will always be shown what to do in any situation, if you quiet your mind, step out of the fear and allow; for yourself, and for others. It simply starts with catching yourself worrying, and remind yourself that it is not helping anyone.


Spiritual Counselor

Teacher/Student ACIM

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