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True Abundance

True abundance

In the teachings of A Course in Miracles, the concept of abundance is approached from a different perspective than what we may have been traditionally taught to believe. The lessons from the Course teach the idea that abundance is really our default state of happiness. Happiness is innate, without any external cause needed, as these factors are not the cause of true happiness. External things and people may help to bring about temporary changes in mood, but may also be simply covering up feelings that we are not yet ready to heal, especially if we are relying on something outside of us.

When aligned with our true nature, our needs are met effortlessly as the Holy Spirit within us knows exactly what we need. By recognizing and embracing this inherent state of joy, we can cultivate a sense of abundance in all aspects of our lives. One of the initial steps to recognize we have everything is to undo the concept of constantly seeking and getting external possessions for validation. Instead, it encourages practitioners not to pray for material things but to focus on prayers for inner peace and alignment with divine guidance to experience a more abundant and happy life.

Abundance in this sense is not focused on material wealth; it includes richness of spirit and a deep sense of fulfillment. By aligning with our true nature of uncaused happiness, we can undergo a profound shift in perspective that enables us to live more fully and feel abundant, no matter what our bank account says. It doesn't mean relinquishing material things, it means not relying on them for our sense of peace.

The key lies in trusting Holy Spirit to guide us towards what we truly need. By embracing our current situation and practicing true forgiveness, instead of resisting it, we align ourselves with the natural flow of life. This makes the learning process smoother and more fulfilling as we start to remember who we really are, and embrace our spiritual journey back to God. Trust in the process and let go of resistance to invite abundance and joy into life effortlessly.

Rev. Lora Nedkov


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