A Course in Miracles Learning Centre

New to the course, or looking for assistance in applying the principles to your daily life?

  • Connect with like minded students and learn how you can be at more peace, experience more joy, and learn daily from a self study curriculum.

  • Some of the concepts in the beginning can be confusing.  Bring your questions, and be prepared to re-think about how you see the world.

Sessions will be intuitively guided, and you may receive direct personal guidance.  Each class will have a topic that will be clarified, then discussed in the group. 

The goal of these sessions are to simplify the lessons of the course.  Students gain a better understanding of how to not only intellectualize the teachings, but apply them in every day life situations.

This is a course in practical application.  It is a self study curriculum so each student will be at their own pace.  These sessions are being made available to enhance your learning.  


See if this is right for you! Start the year on a new path. 


Prerequisite:  Completion of Spiritual Bootcamp. 



Please fill out the contact page below if you are interested in joining.  

Suggested reading:  Gary Renard's The Disappearance of the Universe 

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