Yoga at Home

Hey There!  Are you ready to change your life?

An unconventional program for becoming happier, healthier, & discovering a beautiful new you!


Ready to dig deeper into the reasons for being overweight, or changing current    unsupportive eating habits, for life?


  • Understand the underlying emotional/spiritual reasons for being overweight and challenge your current body image.

  • Explore the what, why, and how you are eating.

  • Learn how to manage your weight without it managing you!


Every class starts with a 10 minute meditation, facilitating a relaxed state, as you learn the tools and receive information. Learn that all the answers are within you!


Too busy to attend?  Ask about individual sessions.

 "Detox your mind

     Detox your body"

The UnDiet

All About Me

Lora has over 20 years experience in alternative wellness, and has studied with teachers across Canada, and the United States. She is a former “at work” Regional Sales Manager for Weight Watchers & General Manager within three large fitness clubs. Over the years, she has learned that weight has everything to do with how you “think” not only what you eat. As an intuitive she can dive deeply into your unconscious beliefs and habit to help you live a happier, more joyful life. As a Spiritual Intuitive, she can guide you to understanding how your mind controls your body